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What We're Looking Forward to in WD2024 R1

The Workday 2024R1 release brings over 225 updates across the suite of products. While this is actually lower than some previous releases, don’t let this be another time you let some exciting HCM & recruiting functionality just get added to a backlog somewhere.

Here’s a few of the features we know our clients are talking about:

HCM Enhancements: 

  • The introduction of Machine Learning to the existing Change Job process. This innovation is particularly beneficial for high-volume businesses, ensuring accurate data selection during job transitions.

  • A new Manage Job Profile business process helps to address persistent pain points by enabling better controls and governance in maintaining job architecture. 

  • An improved user experience in the Hire process, with the flexibility to customize fields within new grouping sections and the addition of a Pre-hire contact information panel, aimed at reducing HR support inquiries.

  • Workday doc’s functionality continues to grow as it now allows new formats that include the ability to build custom layouts including calculated fields to enable creation of and generation of compensation statements directly in Workday–getting you out of building BIRT form layouts.

Recruiting Innovations: 

  • New skills cloud for candidate pools and prospects introduces a paradigm shift by integrating skills more deeply into the application and candidate sourcing process. 

  • The ability to categorize disposition reasons will help reduce selection errors and enhance the recruitment process, ultimately saving time and resources, and leading to more accurate reporting. 

  • And the addition of two-way texting capabilities, allowing your recruiters to better connect with candidates.

We know you're juggling performance reviews, annual compensation processes and various other tasks, implementing these updates can feel overwhelming. Let us help you.

Drop us a note. With our expertise, we can help you devise a plan that fits your needs and allows you to leverage these new enhancements (plus some maybe that you didn't get to before) so you continue to get more out of your Workday investment.


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