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Prossimo was founded with the desire to give clients an alternative to the Global Services Integrator (GSI) or big-consulting experience. The team is made up of former HR practitioners, former consultants, and generally good people who are interested in helping your business.

Jim Viscanti
Founder and CEO

Jim has been in the HCM and talent management space for over 10 years. He cut his teeth as a temp supporting the simultaneous implementations of SuccessFactors talent and SumTotal learning. In the past eight years as a consultant, he has helped lead deployments for organizations in a variety of industries and tools. Most recently focused on Workday, his expertise is in being able to speak multiple languages--those of the customers and those of the vendors. As a self-admitted "geek" for all things talent, recruiting, and HR tech related, Jim loves rolling up his sleeves with clients and pushing them on how they leverage the tools they've invested in heavily.

In his downtime, he's a father to five superhero's in training and spends most of his time fighting off imaginary bad guys and disbelieving looks from his amazing wife.

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Whoa, wouldn't that be a crazy idea!? We don't know what the future holds for us, but it sure would be fun to share the ride with someone who is passionate about HR technology, talent and recruiting management, project success, process optimization, or other stuff we haven't even thought of yet.

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