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Take the Prossimo Step

Deployment Support

Deployments can be intimidating. Don't let your team get overwhelmed trying to learn a new system, test, and still do their day jobs. We can help you stay on top of your deployment by providing project management, testing, and education services. (Sorry, we don't do day jobs.)

Phase Next

Don't settle with the configuration you had at Go Live. The systems have changed, your business has changed, and you've realized there are promises you made during deployment that haven't been delivered. We can help you get caught up on new functionality and enhance your current processes and reporting.


Advisory Services

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, we get it. If it's email, a quick call, or even a working session, we'll help you think through problems, research options, and identify solutions.

Want to go deeper? We can spend more time with your team doing a thorough assessment, discovery with stakeholders, and developing a roadmap for short and long term success.



Founded in 2018, we realized that too many organizations were taking only the first step towards really changing how they interact with their talent. Projects that over-emphasized "go live" and systems that were largely supported to "keep the lights on" instead of growing with the technology.

Your organization has already made investments and commitments to various tools, processes, and strategies. We're here to help you execute the strategies, deliver on the processes, and realize value from the tools.

In short, we're here to take you Next.


Blue Bell, PA 19422

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